With more and more people joining the ranks of the filthy rich in China, it must be getting harder and harder to find new ways to flaunt your wealth.

It must be especially troublesome when choosing what car to buy in order to stand out from the crowd. But this person, from the city of Xianyang in Shaanxi province, has chosen a very interesting alternative form of luxury transportation.

Instead of sitting comfortably at the back of a Mercedes or BMW, he rides his horse daily to and from work. Accompanying him is his trusty secretary. Together, they ride regardless of weather.

“It normally takes a little more than 20 minutes to get to work” says He Yanqing an owner of a private company, “and I enjoy the looks from passers-by”.

Some of the reasons Mr. He gives in support of horseback riding include it being more environmentally friendly and able to avoid traffic jams.

According to Mr. He, riding a horse is also a lot more economical compared to cars. A good horse can be bought for 20,000 RMB (~3,000 USD) and the yearly maintenance is low – around 4,000 RMB (~600 USD).

As for whether this is actually road legal, it seems that according to the “PRC Road Traffic Safety Law” there are no restrictions against riding animals on roads. So it seems that there is nothing stopping Mr. He for now.

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A 24-year-old boy named Liu Hang who became deeply attracted to a girl he saw on a TV show, decided to express his love during her visit to a department store.

Outside the Changsha Wangfujing Department Store, was a giant heart made of 9999 roses, and standing in front was Liu Hang. He held roses and a diamond ring, shouting out “Lie Ying” – the name of his love.
Liu Hang spent over RMB 30,000.

However, Liu’s action did not immediately win Lie Ying over. Lie chose to leave in silence, but left her cell phone number with Liu Hang. At noon, Liu Hang still stood in front the department store, feeling kind of down. “I will not give up, I will think of ways to pursue, I will give up everything to live an ordinary life with her.”

That sounds like a stalker…

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That is one happy bride!

Another instance of those totally over the top Chinese weddings. This time, the groom decides to go for the tried and tested rose.

Instead of winning with quality, he goes with quantity – 99,999 roses to be exact!

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