Fake Shuffle

These mp3 players from MANNDigital will sure drive Steve Jobs insane. Not only are they clear rip-offs of the iPod shuffle, but they are so poorly made they will make you cringe. None of the rip-offs are consistently built: the buttons are located differently and the orientation of the buttons are all different.


At first, I was asking myself wtf is with the name. Then, I realized they just replaced all the letters “a” with “s” and vice versa.

Here’s a quick lesson in the art of fake-ness. Sometimes you don’t have to change the letters at all. All you have to do is rearrange the order of the letters.

A clever switch and you might even end up with something more meaningful than the original.


Introducing the next generation in portable gaming – or not…

This is just horrible – trying to be “creative” by combining the iconic Snoopy character with a tartan pattern probably inspired by Burberry. It’s a double violation of copyright in one T-shirt.

And who thought of the name Sccoby?

Well at least it makes some sort of sense…

Kentucky Fried G???

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