The front page of the Modern Express compares the escalator riding habits of Chinese living in Nanjing with those in Hong Kong.

The side-by-side picture comparison obviously implies that people from Hong Kong are much more well mannered and civilized.

While I don’t disagree that the Chinese across the border are still lacking in civility, I think the comparison is not exactly fair. Plenty of times I find escalators in the Hong Kong subway blocked both left and right. To make matters worse, during peak hours.

The issue I have with certain Mainlanders is their “I am the center of the Universe” attitude, as demonstrated by their inability to move aside even when someone in a hurry asks politely.

Proper Escalator Etiquette

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mainlander shits in hongkong mall

Money definitely talks in Hong Kong. Since the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997 things have changed gradually, but the changes are dramatic.

I still think of Hong Kong as a country and when I fill in forms on the internet Hong Kong is still (99% of the time) listed separately as a country. Although we are all Chinese, our cultures and beliefs are incompatible. Hong Kong was a democratic society, and still is, whereas Mainland China a communist country. We live under a one-country-two-systems policy and though government is leaning towards big brother China, we still enjoy freedom of speech (most of the time).

Despite our differences with the Mainland people, we accepted them. We may have rejected them at the start, but as time passed, we slowly accepted them into our lives.

However, I have the view that our acceptance of them is the equivalent to the acceptance of a cock up our anus in a prison cell – we simply could not resist.

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