I’m not sure what to post lately. Any Chinese related news are either too serious or just plain boring. Next Media has slacked off and are now just making animated news mocking U.S.A.

What I’m left with is a whole bunch of items related to animal cruelty.

To be honest, I don’t really have much compassion for animals other than humans. I usually laugh at those silly animal rights activists but these recent cases of animal cruelty have really got me fuming…


The rest of the post is very graphic, click at your own risk!

There’s a saying that there’s nothing people in Guangzhou won’t eat. But even I wasn’t aware that people over there actually eat cats. They don’t feel very edible compared to dogs; even insects.

I mean look at these cute little kittens…

Warning! Do not proceed if you really love cats or can’t stand the sight of slaughtered animals. The following scenes are very graphic.

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Seriously, what is wrong with teens nowadays. In Hong Kong, a 16 year old teenager gets his girlfriend pregnant, which is pretty boring news these days, but the way they treated their “stupid mistake” is just apalling.

I am especially sick that Apple news actually animated the story. Seeing animated figures of two school kids dumping a just born is revolting.

What is more revolting to me is how pussy current teenagers are. If you don’t want to be a father, wear a condom. If you want unprotected sex, then at least take the pills. If you regret after a while, get an abortion.
Collecting the baby in a plastic bag and running around the streets too “pussy” to even dump a child by yourself is just disgraceful. IF you are to do it, at least do it right – it’s just a tiny baby, just cut it in pieces and mix it with leftovers in the garbage. The bones are so soft you can probably blend the whole thing. Not trying to sound sick, but if you need to get something done, you get it done.
Nothing is worse then trying to rape a bitch to only fail and get ass raped in jail.

Quick translation/summary of the video:
- Boy gets girl pregnant.
- They both freak out and want to dispose of their child.
- Boy puts baby in bag.
- Boy runs around too scared to dump it in the woods.
- Boy asks friend to help him out.
- They both walk around carrying a plastic bag looking suspicious.
- Someone calls the cops on them.
- They get arrested. Shit gets real.
- They say the baby was dead when it was out. (Then no need to freak out trying to bury it dickheads)

I am truly disappointed at how far our society has degenerated…

mainlander shits in hongkong mall

Money definitely talks in Hong Kong. Since the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997 things have changed gradually, but the changes are dramatic.

I still think of Hong Kong as a country and when I fill in forms on the internet Hong Kong is still (99% of the time) listed separately as a country. Although we are all Chinese, our cultures and beliefs are incompatible. Hong Kong was a democratic society, and still is, whereas Mainland China a communist country. We live under a one-country-two-systems policy and though government is leaning towards big brother China, we still enjoy freedom of speech (most of the time).

Despite our differences with the Mainland people, we accepted them. We may have rejected them at the start, but as time passed, we slowly accepted them into our lives.

However, I have the view that our acceptance of them is the equivalent to the acceptance of a cock up our anus in a prison cell – we simply could not resist.

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The post 90s generation of China is a weird bunch. The general media and the general public call them the “brain dead generation”. The extreme growth of China’s cities has also lead to an extreme change in the culture of the younger generation. Conflicting between their cultural heritage and the pop culture of the outside world, these youngsters experiment with their looks and appearances. This form has developed over the years into its own form – a very grotesque permutation of various cultures in one hideous abomination.

WARNING!!! Do not proceed if you do not want your eyes to bleed.

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