It’s really here. McDonald’s in Hong Kong has launched McWeddings as an official product offering.

I am speechless. I have joked about a McDonald’s wedding reception on many occasions, but that was an idea to make sure no one comes to my wedding. As someone who was born and raised mainly in Hong Kong, I feel really ashamed of having the title of World’s first McWedding attached to the place I live.

Check out these cheap balloon rings and bouquets:

Seriously I am sad. Worse of all, this is a serious matter, not just any one-off publicity stunt.

The McDonald’s “Warm and sweet wedding package,” at HK$9999 ($1282) a pop, includes wedding gifts, pink invitation cards emblazoned with golden arches, decor featuring the likes of Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, and classic golden arches fare worth up to $385.

Additional items will cost extra, including a “white balloon” gown rental ($165), balloon corsage ($11), balloon wedding cake ($88), and a large pink McDonalds backdrop ($321).

For all the details check the official site out. This is really not a joke.

While I can understand the difficulties of organizing a wedding in Hong Kong and the high costs that are involved, I don’t see why anyone would need to sink to the level of Mickey D’s. There are plenty of more practical and cheap alternatives on the market.

Here’s an animated parody:

According to McDonald’s there are two wedding parties confirmed for this year and around 70 other couples in talks. I am highly skeptical of how many couples are seriously replacing their wedding banquet with McDonald’s. Most likely, McWeddings will just be the first course for those couples who want to show everyone how “special” they are.

More pictures to make you McBarf:

via Reuters.

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4 Responses to “McWeddings in Hong Kong McDonald’s”

  1. So what’s next? KFC? Taco Bell?

  2. Nothing says i love you like balloon wedding rings!

  3. Do you have a problem with McDonald’s?

  4. That’s interesting! I’ve been looking for a place similar to this for
    quite a very long moment.

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