Great news! The Chinese government has issued a ban on animal circuses and certain types of animal abuse at zoos that is in effect immediately.

The ban entails several different stipulations that zoos will need to comply with, and pertains to the 300 state-owned zoos that are part of the China Zoo Association. Firstly, the zoos will be forced to stop pulling the teeth of tiger cubs so that zoo visitors can hold them. Zoos will also have to put a halt to the selling of animal parts in their shops, and the zoo restaurants will have to refrain form serving dishes made using rare animals. On top of this, zoos will need to end the attractions in which live animals are sold to visitors and then thrown to the wild cats, allowing the visitors to watch the cats rip the defenseless animals to shreds. Finally, the zoos will also need to provide the animals with adequate housing, away from disturbance and irritation.

For those of who want a better idea of the animal abuse in China can check out the following video:

This is a big step for China. If the ban is properly enforced; this will make China a better place for animals compared to even many Western countries.

I am quite surprised to hear about this ban. It will definitely affect many zoos and is not an issue most Chinese would care about. Apparently, China’s State Forestry Bureau discovered that more than 50 zoos contained animals that had suffered severely from abuse after a three-month investigation. Well I guess the Chinese government does care about ethical issues and will use its power to make things right.

The great thing about China is when something needs to be done, it gets done. The greatest concern now is that the ban will inevitably push many zoos towards bankruptcy, leaving many animals with possibly nowhere to go.

I guess all this means I won’t be able to taste white tiger meat anymore…

via reddit via Huffington Post

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