Oh China! After Liu Xiaobo was announced the Nobel Peace Prize winner you just couldn’t have a good nights rest could you? As if imprisoning the peace prize winner, detaining his wife, and censoring the media wasn’t enough. You now have your own peace prize: The Confucius Peace Prize.

The first time winner is Taiwanese politician Lien Chan who some would see as a dog to China. (That is how is depicted in the video)

I find this whole ordeal funny as I think the Nobel Prizes were already starting to lose their significance after Obama received one. If you check Wikipedia, Liu Xiaobo is not really that worthy for the prize. The part about him being in support of Bush’s Iraq war made me really wonder…

Regarding peace in China, he mainly just writes stuff about democracy and an end to the one-party rule in China. The fact is not much people knew about him even outside of China. But by making such a big fuss, China has catapulted Xiaobo into the spotlight.

As the saying from Confucius goes: “If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?”


In Chengdu, beautiful girls walk the catwalk to apply for jobs while CEOs sit in the audience to evaluate them.

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I don’t know if it’s the way the Taiwanese media portray criminals, but to me it seems like the bad guys in Taiwan are pretty weak.

Case in point, two car hijackers spot a great opportunity to hijack a man’s car. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to start the engine and give enough time for the victim to snatch his car keys back. Even worse, they have a gun but the gun is jammed. While the two struggle to get the car keys back, a police patrol passes by. A chase ensues, but it doesn’t last long as the hijacker is too tired and gets outrun by a girl.

The best part of this video is the first ten seconds. The hijacker sounds like he is having the orgasm of his life.

In the end, this makes Taiwanese thugs seem very weak.

Did you find the 262mph record that China scooped up only two months ago impressive?

Well, add another 40mph to that number as China has claimed the new speed record for unmodified commercial trains. The new line presently being tested between Beijing and Shanghai has delivered a mind-warping 302mph (486kph) top speed, which is projected to help cut down travel times between the two cities in half, down to a mere five hours. As with the Shanghai-Hangzhou connection that held the record previously, speeds with actual passengers on board will probably be limited to more moderate levels when this connections opens up in 2012, but the Chinese government’s goal is still that magical 312mph (500kph) mark.

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Yes, the title for this post sounds so dumb that you would think it’s a title for a porno.

Funny that this shit is real and, once again, from the cute island of Taiwan.

Worthy of the title “The dumbest mom ever”, a Taiwanese mother forces her daughter to have sex with a man to help exorcise evil.

The mother only got suspicious and called the police when the exorcist asked for 2 million Taiwan dollars (66,890 USD).

Check the video out for more details…

If Playboy made cheap sandals…


With China’s construction boom, there have been many horror stories of how residents are forced off their land for new construction projects. Although tenants are supposedly able to refuse eviction; in practice, developers will force them off and negotiate the compensation with residents later (usual at an unfair price). This is especially prevalent when there is a major construction project, such as the Olympics.

In other cases, developers still seem to have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. Watch and learn:


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