The ongoing event “Creativity for a nursing home” happening in Henan province has been transformed into a creativity competition with the theme of Panda. Recently, the Henan Museum of Art has become the holy land of creativity and imagination where countless young people and adults came to “worship”. Other than fighting to read the essay “My dad is a panda” written by a 12 year old girl, which already sold for 100,000 CNY (15,186 USD), audiences were also stunned by some other panda arts. A replica sculpture of Venus de Mio in the center of the museum became the hot spot, not because people haven’t seen a statue of Venus de Mio before, it was the special material used: giant panda poop!

Kids from the home of the Giant Pandas – Sichuan Province led by famous sculptor Mr. Zhu Cheng, replicated this world famous sculpture with panda dung. Audiences from time to time leaned closer to the sculpture to smell the yellow statue of Venus. Some claimed that it smelled really good.

The wonderful work also attracted great interest of collectors, after purchasing a little girl’s essay for 100,000 yuan, world-class collector Uli Sigg also had a strong interest in the sculpture (shit). Sina reports the Swiss collector Uli Sigg who owns the largest collection of contemporary Chinese art purchased the panda poop for 300,000 yuan (45,558 USD).

Uli Sigg spent a total of 1 million yuan in the exhibition.

via ChinaHush

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