In China, property prices have risen dramatically. If you’re the working class, it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford a property especially in the capital – Beijing.


A young man has designed a clever egg shaped dwelling in Beijing as his home. This home is so cheap and portable there is no place you can’t live in.

Dai Haifei (戴海飞), 24 years old from Hunan province, built and placed an egg shaped small house in the courtyard outside his company. Inspired by his company’s design, Dai Haifei built the egg house with bamboo and it only cost him 6,427 CNY (around 970 USD). Now he has been living in it for almost 2 month, and best of all, rent free.

Materials used and breakdown of costs:

Wheels 160
Rope ties 125
Grinder 31
Water tank, pump 95
Steel 573
Drills 18
Bamboo 375
Tools 210
Glue 200
Waterproof fabrics 508
Solar Panels 970
Square rods 30
Screws 115
Paint 284
Welders 260
Spray gun 450
Gauze 600
Insulation 100
Grass seeds 110
Energy-saving lamps 36
Air support 50
Plexiglass 160
Washbasin 60
Steel mesh 240

Total 6,427 CNY

After living for a while in the egg home, Dai Haifei says the best part about living in the “egg” is that he can get to work within seconds and there is no need to be on the crowded bus. This is especially a luxury in the traffic congested Beijing.

The design has even been nominated for the second annual China Architecture Media Awards.

via ChinaHush.

Update: After the strong media exposure, the city officials have caught wind of this building and have deemed it to be illegal. Poor guy…

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