In Chengdu, beautiful girls walk the catwalk to apply for jobs while CEOs sit in the audience to evaluate them.

The event was organized within a hotel in Chengdu. 80 CEOs of various companies sat comfortably reading the resumes of the candidates, while the 40 young and pretty ladies walked on the runway. The girls are not models but are here to apply for jobs. According to the organizers, the 40 applicants include those who have studied business administration, film and television performing arts, and psychology. Amongst them, 3 have master’s degrees while most of the rest have bachelor’s degrees.


The CEOs who have come to find employees are all CEOs of the companies in Western China. During this headhunting event, two people have already signed employment contracts, while 15 applicants have been selected for further interviews.


The question most city residents had was whether the CEOs were truly recruiting or just finding marriage partners…

via chinaSMACK.

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One Response to “China’s CEOs Recruit Girls Runway Style”

  1. That’s how I recruit all my secretaries!

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