I’m not sure what to post lately. Any Chinese related news are either too serious or just plain boring. Next Media has slacked off and are now just making animated news mocking U.S.A.

What I’m left with is a whole bunch of items related to animal cruelty.

To be honest, I don’t really have much compassion for animals other than humans. I usually laugh at those silly animal rights activists but these recent cases of animal cruelty have really got me fuming…


First, is this video I saw of a raccoon being skinned alive in some remote region in China. While I am totally fine with animal fur in clothing, I don’t understand why the animal in question cannot be properly killed before being skinned.



This video is so sick that I’m not even posting on my blog. Click on the source link at the bottom to view the video.

via chinaSMACK

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One Response to “Raccoon Skinned Alive”

  1. Садисты пидарасы и уебаны с которыми сотворил бы тоже самое лично. Встречу – убью.

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