There’s a saying that there’s nothing people in Guangzhou won’t eat. But even I wasn’t aware that people over there actually eat cats. They don’t feel very edible compared to dogs; even insects.

I mean look at these cute little kittens…

Warning! Do not proceed if you really love cats or can’t stand the sight of slaughtered animals. The following scenes are very graphic.

Step 1: Cats are kept in a tiny cage.

Step 2: The cat is plucked from a “fur removal machine” and shown by the chef. Then it is weighed.

Step 3: (This is really sick) The cat, that is still breathing, is boiled alive. The chef later removes the internal organs.

Step 4: Voila! Cat food…

You can even still see the claws; highlighted by the red circle.

I don’t think all cats are prepared this way. Cooking the cat alive, especially, seems too extreme even for most Chinese restaurants.

Anyhow here are a few more images to give you an idea of cat cooking and to show that this is not just one particular eatery that serves such a dish.

Source: chinaSMACK via Tiexue

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6 Responses to “Chinese Delicacies: Cats!?”

  1. That is just sad

  2. wow how do plp do that

  3. Is this real? I mean, for real, for real? Or the images fake?

  4. Sad I love animals

  5. they are crazy people. i love dogs but how can they kill then even cats is nasty i feel like im going to cry wow i would like to do somenthing but i can’t. :’(

  6. What the fuck it wrong with people these are household animals this should be outlawed

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