Even if you haven’t been to China, you probably have heard that the Chinese eat almost anything.

Although not all Chinese eat dogs, insects and monkey brains; there are certain groups who do. This is not strange given how big the population of China is. There will always be some weirdos…

I once watched on TV a man who ate everything raw – insects, plants, even meat.

I remember walking through the streets in Beijing and standing right in front of a stall that sold fried scorpions. I was tempted to try – just for the sake of trying.
But, in the end, I couldn’t bring myself to try something with so many legs. And the pointy tail…

Here are a bunch of treats taken from Hangzhou. Would you dare to eat them?

via chinaSMACK via NetEase

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4 Responses to “Chinese Delicacies: Insects”

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