mainlander shits in hongkong mall

Money definitely talks in Hong Kong. Since the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997 things have changed gradually, but the changes are dramatic.

I still think of Hong Kong as a country and when I fill in forms on the internet Hong Kong is still (99% of the time) listed separately as a country. Although we are all Chinese, our cultures and beliefs are incompatible. Hong Kong was a democratic society, and still is, whereas Mainland China a communist country. We live under a one-country-two-systems policy and though government is leaning towards big brother China, we still enjoy freedom of speech (most of the time).

Despite our differences with the Mainland people, we accepted them. We may have rejected them at the start, but as time passed, we slowly accepted them into our lives.

However, I have the view that our acceptance of them is the equivalent to the acceptance of a cock up our anus in a prison cell – we simply could not resist.

With the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 (right after the handover) and the subsequent crash of property prices, Hong Kong was left devastated. It took a long time to get out of recession but starting from 2000 the solution became apparent – China. Jobs started shifting across the border, more work required travel to the Mainland. Soon, the biggest listed companies traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange where Mainland companies.

When the “grandfathers” of China decided to relax travel restrictions for the Mainland citizens, they flocked to Hong Kong. Hong Kong was a shopping paradise and offered goods without the VAT. Mainlanders flooded the streets of Hong Kong that were all ready crowded. More and more Mainlanders came but we happily greeted them with open arms. It was an addiction; we could not resist the money they were pouring in.

We finally got out of the economic slump and we grew stronger financially along with the astonishing growth of our “brothers” in the Mainland.
We also forgot about our home, our beliefs and our way of living.

One would quickly point out that Hong Kong’s reliance on Mainland China was inevitable and I would agree. However, it was accelerated due to Hong Kong being weakened by the Asian Financial Crisis and then later suffering from SARS in 2003.
We quickly accepted changes to our society and way of life without much consideration. We did not have a choice. We became reliant.

Our overcrowded streets have now become more overcrowded. Pollution has worsened. Sooner or later, our economy that has become so dependent on the Mainland will collapse when foreign businesses engage directly with Shanghai and not through Hong Kong. Our city has become so dependent we still have not taken the time and effort to nourish new industries to compete with other Mainland cities.

I am saddened yet I would normally choose to be silent. I am motivated to write such a long article due to one simple fact – our Chinese comrades shit on us.

Since being flooded by Mainlanders, we have only been generous and accepting towards our comrades. We have learned to speak fluently in Mandarin. No sales person will have problems communicating with our fellow comrades; in fact, the sound of Mandarin is the most attractive to them.

Our comrades; however, choose to ignore our way of life and barge in our society as if they are king and we the servants. They do not show any consideration to us and our way of life. They talk loudly everywhere, behave wildly without discipline and disregard politeness.

I am well aware that they were brought up significantly different from us and that their moral standards and culture is separate from ours. However any social integration is a failure if only one side accepts and adopts.
It has been many years, yet I still see Mainlanders’ public behavior and attitude stay the same. They do not understand that it is polite to stand on the right side of the escalator to allow others to pass and that it is impolite to cut in front of a line. I know that not all Mainlanders are ill-mannered and cause noise/sound/smell pollution. But it is apparent that there has not been any understanding of wrongdoing and the need to change.

In the end, I know that it is the fault of Hong Kong people. Their fault is staying silent.

This is the result of our silence:

Mainlanders now shit and urinate anywhere in Hong Kong they want without fear of punishment.

You may think this is one isolated case. I assure you it is not. I have personally seen a mom carry his son to pee without shame in the subway. There has been a story of a woman instructing his son to pee in the store of a luxury brand and, most disgustingly, threaten the staff who tried to stop her son with the money she will spend on the three luxury items she selected.

The woman could have used a napkin or anything to clean up the mess. She could have found a less public area. She chose to let her son shit in front of an electronics store where a lot of people pass by and leave the shit for all to step on.

These people need to be punished. If they are not educated we need to educate them. We need to speak up and stop letting Mainlanders shit on us.

Source: Apple Daily

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10 Responses to “Mainlander Shits in Hong Kong Shopping Mall”

  1. Wow! What a long article. That sounds like a pretty bad state of affairs you have there in Hong Kong.

  2. A couple things I’d like to point out about your article:
    1) The second sentence of the article contradicts itself.
    2) Hong Kong wasn’t a democracy before mainland took over. Hong Kong was in fact less democratic a few years before the take over. It wasn’t until near the takeover that the British mandated that a larger percentage of the legislature had to be elected. Before that they were all appointed by the Governor of Hong Kong which in turn was appointed by the Prime Minister of UK. I could be wrong so feel free to do some fact checking.

    But China does have a serious problem with its moral education. In part I think it is due to the fact that China is ruled by people and not by law. If you have money or power, you can get away with anything. This has gone on for so long that people take it for granted. This is seen even in their literature. It’s who you got backing you up, not about who is in the right. You can imagine the fate of those who insist on a certain cultural or moral standard. The old saying goes,”China is the country of Manners”, not any more.

  3. thanks for your sharing. things getting only worsen. now the adult male pee in the metro (MTR) the female rubbign their feets, manicure in the buses, not just eating drinking screaming rushing out everywhere in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central , Causeway Bay.. with no respect to other people you might get killed by their foams, loud talks, shit, pee, luggage filled with LV,gucci,milk powders,cheap cosmetics, canned food……
    don’t know why they did it and could get away any fine ???????

    the HKSAR and police only serves the communism and biz well off .

  4. I am an american born chinese – this is a typical case of the pot calling the kettle black.
    Hong Kong people are not much different from Mainlanders, they lack table manners, push in doors, dont even say thank you when you open doors for them, and are social mutants

    I think the real issue is the HK people see an ugly mirror image of themselves when they look at mainlanders. The British only delayed the inevitable…. these local savages will revert back to their original ways.

    • I think Calvin, you must be brought up by your parents from mainland.
      I was born in Vancouver and educated as well. I did go back to HK very often before I relocated back to Hong Kong. I used to work for a company which has branches in many locations in China. Quite often I had to had meals with mainland people for you they call “Guanxi”. Being a guy in my early twenty, I was totally overwhelmed by their table manner, spilling bones to the dinning table and waiter came regularly to whip the crap on the table to the floor with his “magic hands”. Hong Kong people may not be up the standard of the west, they may sometimes talk loud, but not such as extreme.

      I recalled my mainland colleague took me to a famous hot spring in Zhuhai. We were talking in a round basin, all of sudden, I found ourselves being surrounded by other mainland guests who dived into the basin with their sandles, talking loud and beyond normal human imagination, smoking. Ironically, the service lady who standing by the pool would pass him ashtray. And I have seen many mainland people smoking in steam room. It seems Mao has taken away a lot of common sense of people in Mainland.

      Please do not be offended. I am just telling the truth.

      • Seconding what Calvin said… that the real issue is the HK people see what they don’t like about themselves when they look at Mainlanders.

        I am a Canadian-born Chinese, and I go to school that has a huge proportion of Chinese international students–HKese, Taiwanese, and Mainland. The international Hong Kong students are the most rude, largely coming off as rich spoiled brats. They will talk extremely loudly, block off hallways in large groups, and leave trash around campus–and it’s always a lot of trash, considering they’re always clumped together. Why don’t they know better, when they come from a former British colony?

        I wouldn’t care so much if you guys didn’t have such a hoity-toity attitude towards us. Yeah I know the Mainland is chaotic and doesn’t have non-smoking rules and all that, but you guys were the same as us before the British came.

        Is it really about social decency? Because in Japan, men smoke A LOT and they smoke everywhere, and they piss on the streets when they’re drunk. Yet you Hong Kongese treat Japanese with a lot of respect and elevate their culture. Your Filipino maids work hard for you and are law-abiding citizens, but you look down on them and their culture and don’t even give them the option to earn Permanent Residency rights.

        It’s really dumb that HK will kiss any colonial ass while trying desperately to distance itself from and put down their own fellow Asian countrymen. What the hell, guys.

  5. Singapore’s turn as we have a large influx of uncouth tourists from china having their kids shit in public. These PRCs knowingly disgrace the chinese race as people from the west or in the west cannot tell a singaporean or a hongkong from uncivlised PRC nationals visiiting other countries. If only they were like the japanese tourists.

    For people of PRC origin reading this, please tell your compatriot $ isn t king in other countries but civility is a way of life

  6. you all chinese so you all dirty and should not be living anylonger

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    storytelling fashion.

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