A 24-year-old boy named Liu Hang who became deeply attracted to a girl he saw on a TV show, decided to express his love during her visit to a department store.

Outside the Changsha Wangfujing Department Store, was a giant heart made of 9999 roses, and standing in front was Liu Hang. He held roses and a diamond ring, shouting out “Lie Ying” – the name of his love.
Liu Hang spent over RMB 30,000.

However, Liu’s action did not immediately win Lie Ying over. Lie chose to leave in silence, but left her cell phone number with Liu Hang. At noon, Liu Hang still stood in front the department store, feeling kind of down. “I will not give up, I will think of ways to pursue, I will give up everything to live an ordinary life with her.”

That sounds like a stalker…

Yes, I know I lied, the poor chap did not actually “get” the girl. But, I’m pretty sure the girl just didn’t want to appear too easy in front of cameras.
But seriously, what is the obsession of the Chinese with quantity? When you go over a certain amount it’s just overkill. I mean just look at that picture, the roses aren’t even shaped like a heart anymore.

Now that kind of makes this fella really dumb. If I was his level of rich, it would probably be easier to obtain some connections with the TV station and meet this girl first.


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