That is one happy bride!

Another instance of those totally over the top Chinese weddings. This time, the groom decides to go for the tried and tested rose.

Instead of winning with quality, he goes with quantity – 99,999 roses to be exact!

It seems that for the ridiculously rich in China, spending money is not a problem, especially when it comes to weddings. Money might not buy you love, but it sure shows everyone else how much you love is worth.

I must commend the groom, referred to as Little Wang, for the effort he took in fulfilling his bride’s wishes. All the roses are real and in order to secure such a high quantity, Little Wang had to find the rose growers as all the other flower shops in his hometown were too scared to take the order. So Little Wang flew all the roses directly from the source in Kunming to Chongqing.

The most difficult part; however, was to attach all the roses on to 30 cars. This took 40 people a total of 10 hours working through the night. The total cost of the roses came up to RMB 11K.

To be fair, this is definitely not as ostentatious as some other weddings of the wealthy in China. The cost of the roses doesn’t seem to be that expensive compared to other costs in holding a wedding – a wedding ring itself could cost as much if not more.

The couple have also decided to donate 20% of their wedding gifts (usually “red pockets” filled with cash) to help rebuild the homes of the victims of the massive flood in Gansu.


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